Diesel OHD specialize in the Oil and Energy, as well as Mining sectors? Our crews are fully certified, ticketed and orientated on most major sites in Alberta, Northern BC and parts of Saskatchewan! Same day Drug and Alcohol testing available. We supply, install and provide service and repairs to these large and highly specialized doors. Inquire within.

​Commercial and Industrial Doors in Calgary

Diesel OHD understands the importance of choosing a Commercial Overhead Door that is not only functional, but also able to withstand the daily operations in some of the toughest Industrial environments that we face here in Alberta. We offer a wide selection of insulated and non-insulated commercial doors from our trusted supplier, C.H.I Overhead Doors, to fit your exact specifications. 

C.H.I. also manufacture Industrial Rolling Steel Doors, Coiling Fire Doors, Fire Shutters, Counter Doors, Grilles and Side Folding Grilles to exceptional standards of quality. Diesel OHD specialize in the supply and installation of these doors and have the utmost confidence that C.H.I deliver some of the best quality products around. Like C.H.I, we promise to deliver affordable, owner-friendly Rolling Steel products that are reliable, architecturally pleasing and simple to maintain.  

With a wide range of Industrial and Commercial Overhead doors styles to choose from, our dedicated experts are here to assist in the tedious selection for your customized application and budget. 

From light to industrial duty, we ensure the right operation for your door requirements are met. Diesel OHD's supply many different operators including specialty ones such as Explosion Proof and Waterproof Operators, as well as Hand Chain Hoists and more.

Safety is a major factor with your Commercial Doors. Included in our product line are numerous safety devices to protect you, your customers and your employees. Safety Edges, Photo Eye packages and Fall Safe Brackets are some of the top contenders, amongst others. We ensure that the right package is a compliment to your door system. 

Fire Rated Doors are not a common application to most door companies. They require in-depth knowledge and know how, due to the sensitive nature of the application. We have technicians specially trained to install Fire Doors and Shutters as well as drop testing procedures. 

Storefront solutions are available as well. We supply, install, service and repair various door systems from Drop Shutters to Rolling Grilles, Gates, etc. to automatic options or manual.  

Call Diesel OHD's to purchase or replace a system that's right for you! 


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